“Ultimately, a company’s value is just the sum of the decisions it makes and executes.”

Marcia W. Blenko, Michael Mankins, Paul Rogers

An organization’s ability to make and execute critical decisions better and faster than competitors is an essential competitive advantage. Not just that, clear decision-making frameworks, understanding of who can make what decisions (decision rights) and consistent communication of decisions help speed innovation and increase employee engagement.

Companies need to make better decisions faster. Let us help you get there with the enterprise decision system of record Cloverpop.

Make Decisions Stick with Fast Feedback Loops

Stop rehashing decisions by setting up feedback loops to quickly catch and fix misalignments.

Align Teams with Clear Communication

Innovate faster and improve buy-in when everyone understands what was decided and what is expected.

Speed Decisions and Boost Engagement

Add more perspectives without slowing things down. Cut wasted meeting time. Empower the edges.

We at Artelli understand the importance of decisions to your success

We can also help you diagnose your decision practices, conduct a decision audit, identify where and who makes what decisions and establish a clear decision communication strategy.